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Job Advertisement - scripted 2 person video - Suggested Script

Ben- Hello there, I'm Ben / Liv- & I'm Liv

‌Ben- & we're looking to grow our expert Learning Experience team and hire another Vid-Fit Coach. Liv currently works with the team as a VidFit Coach so I'm going to ask you a few questions so we can learn more about this opportunity. Liv, can you outline  2 main skills or responsibilities that you do regularly in your job?

‌Liv- Absolutely! 1) I facilitate small and large face to face and online workshops for our clients who come from various businesses and across so many different industries and 2) I help build out our online training content with Cath and Erik for the online course we have ..specifically I create tutorials on how the app works and I produce video tips and insights to help people become VidFit

‌Ben- Great- and can you describe our VMJ team culture?

‌Liv- VMJ offers a very creative and collaborative team envir. Our team invests in your ideas and initiatives so it's really a place to explore and try new things. We're in the city in an awesome space called The Cluster.... Our floor has really unique meeting rooms, a library and plenty of spaces to work autonomously or amongst the wider Cluster community.  I think VMJ has a great people culture and we're a team that's innovative and full of leadership too. I think being a start up and being in a company that has built first class app technology provides a really cool platform for people to thrive in and to become leaders in this industry because we are paving the way for something very new.

‌Ben- Thanks for your insights today - if you're interested in working with Liv, Cath Erik and the rest of us at VMJ, please click on the apply link to learn more about this role.

Liv- or reach out to me if you'd like to learn more!

‌Both- thanks!

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