Personalise the recruitment experience by creating a video inviting a candidate to an interview and letting them know what to expect.

Interview Invitation - Suggested Script

Cath - Hello Alex, I’m Cath and I’d like to invite you to meet with my colleague Liv and I to interview for the role of VidFit Coach. 

Liv - You’ll need to make your way to L20 at 31 Queen St in Melbourne CBD. We are right on the corner and once you’re out of the lift you will walk into an environment that looks exactly like this. Let reception know you’re here, take a seat and then Cath and I will come and meet you

Cath - This interview will be behavioural based and take about 45 minutes.  The best way to prepare is to think of examples from your recent work experience where you’ve been responsible for solving problems and implementing change through coaching or workshops.

Liv - We do suggest using public transport to get here as parking is limited and can be expensive. Veer on the formal/business attire side for your interview and please feel assured that we are really, really looking forward to meeting with you.

Cath - Don’t forget to confirm the interview time and date from the available appointments using the link below.  If you have any questions before please contact us via phone or email.

Both - Thanks!

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