Send a congratulatory welcome to a new starter and introduce existing team members with video.

Suggested Script

Cath: Hi Alex - Congratulations and welcome to the team here at VMJ! We were so impressed with you throughout the selection process and are thrilled that you have accepted the role of VidFit Coach!

Erik- The Learning Experience team is looking forward to hearing about all of your ideas for content, workshop and online training sessions, coaching techniques and expanding the talent, resources and expertise across our whole company.

Cath: We look forward to seeing you on your first day and to confirm- your start date is May 3rd. When you get here, give me a call and I’ll come out and give you the grand tour. I’ll show you where you’ll be sitting, get your security pass to you and then we can sit down and plot out your first few weeks for onboarding and learning the ropes!

Erik: If you need any help with your employment forms or have questions let us know, otherwise we’ll see you on your first day here in your new office at 10am!

Both: Thanks Alex!

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