Format:  .PNG RGB with transparent background
Size: 600px W x 200px H (minimum)

You will be asked to select your primary brand colour during set up, if you have secondary brand colours or a brand palette you would like to include in templates, please contact support@videomyjob.com

Format: Hex (e.g #164BC9)

Top & Tail (standard)
Top and tail (intros & outros) are auto-generated during set up. The top is a 3 second slide of the full colour logo on a white background, the tail is a 3 second slide of a white logo on the primary brand colour background.

Top & Tail (import)
If you have a top and tail you wqish to import, please send your files to support@videomyjob.com

Format: 1920x1080 .mp4 

Top & Tail (custom)
If you would like VideoMyJob to create custom top and tail, please discuss your requirements with your Customer Success Manager.

During set up you will be asked to select one of the web safe fonts from the list below.

YouTube: Learn how to connect your company's YouTube channel
Facebook: Learn how to connect your company's Facebook page
LinkedIn: Follow the prompts to connect your company's LinkedIn company page

Please note you must have admin rights to your company pages/accounts to connect them to your VideoMyJob account.

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