VideoMyJob uses YouTube and Facebook analytics to count views and minutes watched. Boosted videos get demographic breakdowns and we will represent any other demographic information available from those platforms in your in-app analytics.

Earlier in the year, YouTube removed some demographic analytics for 'privacy reasons', they reasonably argue that small audience numbers can give a very clear indicator of who specifically has watched the video which they believe invades their users privacy. 

For instance, a video with 5 views, each one a unique age/gender/time viewed could clearly identify an individual viewer.

This affects our reporting, specifically on:

  • Videos with low view counts (YouTube does not specify how low)
  • Videos that are older (YouTube does not specify how much older)
  • Videos that aren't or haven't been public for the majority of their lifetime

The VideoMyJob report will not include gender and sometimes age groups as well as other information.

Promoted or paid videos will continue to receive those analytics and we are further testing around this.

Visit YouTube Help for more detailed information.

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