Activating your account:

  1. Follow the prompts in your activation link email
  2. Have your logo handy, or you’ll be asked to search for it 
  3. Our system auto-selects a Hex (color) code from your logo for your templates, or you can enter your own Hex code. Changes can be made after setup if required.
  4. You’ll be asked to connect your YouTube channel, if you are not the owner/admin of the channel, find out who is so they can authorise the connection. You can skip this but you will need a YouTube channel connected to enjoy full functionality of the platform.
  5. Have a list of emails handy of the users you want to invite to your account and download the app (you can add users at any time).
  6. Download the app and watch our Video Essentials training videos. We recommend following along on the app (on your smartphone or iPad) as you watch the training videos on your desktop screen.

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