Have you experienced your outro caption remaining on screen for too long?

This may occur when you add overlays to your video (captions, videos or images) and then you returned to trim or change any of the segments of your video after you've finalised your overlays.

Your overlays do not auto-adjust to the timing changes you have made (we’re working on it!)

This can cause timing issues for all overlays, but the main issue this causes is the outro caption can overlap with the tail animation.

  • If you are experiencing this issue: make sure you check your overlay timings (caption, image, videos) if you have made trim/segment changes after adding captions.
  • If you notice this after you have finished editing, you will need to edit a copy of your project (by going to your projects, select the project and select "edit a copy") and correct your overlay timings (caption, image, videos).

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