This script was inspired by one of our customers, it's a fun way to add personality to your next video while providing great insights into the team, values and work environment.

Sample script

Recruiter: Hi Everyone, I am here with [Hiring Manager] to talk about a new opportunity at [Your Company] but I thought I'd try something a bit different today and put you in the 'hot seat' [Hiring Manager] so that future candidates can get to know you a little better since you would be their potential next boss!

Allow your hiring manager to respond naturally to the following questions

Recruiter: Your favourite footy team?
   - Tea or coffee?
   - Star sign?
   - Favourite restaurant in Melbourne?
   - Best holiday destination?
   - Game of Thrones fan?

Recruiter: Now that we have learnt a little bit more about you, can you talk to us about what you are looking for in this new opportunity for [Position Title & Department]?

Hiring manager responds naturally

Recruiter: And whats your vision for the team?

Hiring manager responds naturally

Recruiter: Wonderful. Now to wrap things up can you tell me, what are the three things you love most about [Your Company]?

Hiring manager responds naturally

Recruiter: Thanks for today [Hiring Manager]! If you are interested in applying for this position please get in touch or follow the links to our careers page!

Inspired by the Talent Acquisition team at RMIT University.

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