A video landing page is a unique URL, such as https://videomy.co/gmaaAb8, which allows VideoMyJob creators to share and track videos.

The root domain https://videomy.co is followed by an automatically generated sequence of letters and numbers, unique to each video landing page.

Once a video is published, a 'Unique Share URL' is automatically generated. 

Copy the unique share URL from the web dashboard:

  • Go to VideoMyJob web dashboard
  • Click on the video you would like to share a landing page for
  • Click on the blue arrow in the top right hand corner
  • 'Share' options will appear
  • Click 'Copy' to share your unique landing page

Below is a screenshot of a video landing page. Video landing pages include:

  • Video title
  • Description¬†
  • Call to action (CTA) button

Learn how to edit the video title, description and CTA link.

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