To get the process started, log in to your VideoMyJob Account on the Website. 

On the dashboard you will notice a new lightning bolt icon on the top of your videos.
As below: 

Clicking the lightning bolt icon will open the new boosting form, which will collect the required details to get your video boosted. 

Firstly, select the platforms you wish to boost to: Facebook and/or YouTube.

Next let us know where you would like to target your boost, this can be a State, a City or a radius around an area. e.g. 20km around Melbourne.

Then select the age bracket from your target candidates.

Next you can specify a gender to target, this is mainly used when trying to focus on increasing candidate diversity.

Then enter your target keywords, this is 10-20 keywords that are related to the job.
They can be taken from your job description or be requirements for the role that will help us better target your candidates.

Next provide the URL you wish to send your candidates to, in most cases this is a Seek or ATS link.

Finally select the duration you wish to run the boost for, this is generally 2 weeks.

Optionally you can insert a call to action, or a short job description on the right.

As Below: 

If you have any questions related to this, feel free to get in touch via the chat in the bottom right, or email 

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