VideoMyJob "Campaigns" Overview

What is the purpose of "Campaigns"?

Campaigns is the perfect solution for when you've sent video requests out to a list of people but you've lost track of who was sent the request, who actually filmed their videos, and who needs reminding. 

Maybe you've been managing this using a spreadsheet? If so, we're happy to let you know that you can ditch that arduous process! 

With Campaigns, you can single-handedly collect and manage multiple unique perspectives from your team by sending just one video request using the platform. And then you can manage, edit and easily publish and share the video content all from one place.  

So whether you're using VideoMyJob for your Recruitment Marketing, Employee Stories, Internal Communications or improving your Candidate Experience, "Campaigns" will help you solve across all of these use cases. 

How does it work?

You start by planning a Campaign - this could be for your; 

Campaign - Step 1

  • EVP
  • Grad Program
  • Diversity
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Women in Tech
  • Why Join Us? 

With your campaign objectives in mind, think about the unique perspectives your people can share, and any questions that your candidates might have. For example;

  • What is life like at ORGANISATION?
  • How would you describe your role at ORGANISATION? 
  • What's your favourite part about working at ORGANISATION?

Then decide who from your organisation you'd like to send film requests to - You will be able to select from a list within the system if they are a user, or you can manually add their contact details to send requests. 

Once the film requests are sent, your campaign has been created! 💥

Managing Your Campaigns:

The Campaigns menu will give a full list of all campaign that you've created. 

Campaign - Step 2

When you click into a campaign, this is where you can manage all your film requests and the videos submitted. This includes being able to;

  • View a full list recipients that were sent video request 
  • Send reminders to those that need a little nudge
  • Do basic web editing of videos to be published

Tip 💡: Struggling to get people to film and submit their videos? Why not use an Uber Eats voucher as an incentive to the first 10 people that send in their videos? Or get creative and do a "Film with your pet" initiative and turn it into a competition for cutest pet?

Publish and Share Your Campaign Videos

Campaign - Step 3

Now that you've collected and edited your videos, you can distribute them in the following ways;

  • Add to your Story Feed to get the right content to the right audience
  • Share videos across your recruitment channels - social media campaigns, job ads etc
  • Advocacy - encourage participants and the broader team to share the video/s across their networks

Analytics & Learning 

Use our built in analytics tools to measure and learn what videos are resonating your audience, and making the most impact. 

Campaign - Step 4