Chrome Extension

Access your company's video library from your browser, magic!

The VideoMyJob Chrome Extension makes your team's VideoMyJob content easily accessible from your browser. Install the extension, log in and you can access your entire VideoMyJob video library at the touch of a button.



Use the VideoMyJob extension to add good looking video links to emails, then track who is watching your videos and for how long in the VideoMyJob dashboard. We currently support Gmail but any WYSIWYG editor is supported - give it a try anywhere!

If the website you're on requires a YouTube embed code or just a YouTube URL - we have you covered.

Finally, you can generate video landing page links on the fly using the VideoMyJob link button and then share them anywhere on the web.

See the image below for the look and feel of a landing page - it's the same video as YouTube (plus all the associated viewing metrics), but a different housing to remove all the YouTube advertising and enhance the description: