How secure is my data?

All transmission of data is encrypted, we don't transmit secure information outside of our platform.

Security Procedures & Data Security

Sensitive customer information stored on our system is limited to name and email. Passwords are encrypted in transit and at rest. We're using industry accepted levels of security within our unique eco-system including the following attributes:

  • All external platform credentials are encrypted
  • Password encryption is processed again before being stored 
  • SSL has been implemented to prevent compromised sessions
  • Passwords restrictions (length, characters etc.) with variable restriction limits per enterprise

Your Data In Transit and At Rest

On creating a video the video is transmitted securely to our server and then processed and uploaded to customer linked cloud accounts (YouTube, Facebook). 

We use securely stored access tokens to those accounts that can be revoked externally by the platform administrators. Then your video is delivered to those platforms and released at customer preference through the available publishing options in VideoMyJob.