How to activate your VideoMyJob account and set up your personal profile

It only takes a few minutes to join your company's account and set up your profile

Setting up your profile

Below is a sample of the email you will receive when you are invited to join your company's account.

Click 'Join Now' to begin setup.

Follow the prompts, you can edit your profile settings anytime via the VideoMyJob dashboard.

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  • Mobile number
screenshot of profile form


Note: Links to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are included in the email and form. The latest links will be found there.

You can now log in to the VideoMyJob app and you're ready to make your first video!

Now that you're activated check out one of our weekly user training webinars to learn more


VideoMyJob - Getting Started Webinar
Hosted by  Daniel Aitken
Get you and your team trained up on the essential elements to creating videos, and an intro to our app capabilities.
Runtime: 45min
Audience: Editor, Producer, Admin