How to connect your company's Facebook page

A quick guide to connecting your company's Facebook page. You will need to be a page owner or admin to connect your page.


A business Facebook page can be connected to your VideoMyJob account to allow video content to be shared directly to Facebook in its optimal file format (native mp4).

How to connect your company Facebook page

  1. Go to your VideoMyJob web dashboard
  2. Select 'Team settings' from the menu
  3. Scroll down and click on the 'Connect Facebook' button
  4. This will prompt you to 'Sign in' to your Facebook account
  5. Select the Facebook page you would like to connect
  6. You've now linked VideoMyJob to Facebook
  7. Click 'Continue' to finish the setup

The benefits of connecting your company Facebook page

  • Share your videos with a wider network
  • Use the in-app paid social advertising (Boost) feature to target audiences
  • Access to user-centric analytics, including drop off rates and view time graphing
  • Engagement analytics, such as likes and comments
  • Facebook has 500 million+ active users
  • Team members can tag Facebook friends in videos, increasing reach and visibility