How to create a video cover (thumbnail) image

Learn how to choose a cover template style, select or import a cover image and add a title to your video.


Video cover or thumbnail

This is the image or 'thumbnail' which appears in the 1st frame of the video and is often (but not always) pulled through when sharing to social or embedding your video.

Video title

This will be the name of your video when shared publicly or published to YouTube. 

Note: It is possible to edit the title or thumbnail of a published video, follow the instructions in the video below.

Cover image

This is the image the editor selects to appear on the cover. 

A frame can be selected from the video by scrolling through the footage or an image can be imported from the gallery using the blue camera icon.

Cover style

This is your choice of cover templates

A cover style can be selected by swiping through and choosing from the different options.


How to choose a cover style, edit your cover image and add a title to your video

How to edit or change the title or thumbnail of a published video via the app



This video shows how to re-edit a cover image via the web dashboard.
The options available when re-editing a cover image are the same options when editing a cover image via web branding