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How to create a VideoMyTalent Campaign

Learn how to create and manage a talent campaign

VideoMyTalent is currently in Beta.
Please discuss with your Customer Success Manager if you would like access.


What is VideoMyTalent?

VideoMyTalent allows companies to collect video responses from potential candidates.
You can invite candidates via their mobile number, or you can send them a link allowing them to opt-in to respond via video. Candidates will receive a text message with a one-time-code allowing them to access our VideoMyTalent app and answer questions of your choosing via video. Once completed you'll receive the completed video ready for review.

How to create a VideoMyTalent Campaign

  1. Log into the Web Dashboard
  2. Click into a video to be used for the campaign (Note: It needs to be published)
  3. Use the three dots at the top right to generate a VideoMyTalent Campaign
  4. Follow the prompts to set your questions, add recipients, and generate the campaign
    Note: You don't have to fill in the recipients. If you click 'Send' it will still generate the campaign.

If you're working with a short list of candidates then we recommend creating a video to help introduce the VideoMyTalent candidate steps in the recruitment process as the video you use to generate the campaign.

Here is an example video for one of our recent campaigns for hiring a new Customer Success Manager.

Tips for your video

  1. Mention that they will be responding back via video and what your expectations are (i.e. casual? formal?)
  2. Give them a sense of how many questions there will be and what you're after
  3. Let them know what to do if they need assistance
  4. Let them know what the next step will be after they've submitted their video response i.e. how will you contact them and roughly when


How to manage a VideoMyTalent Campaign

Once you've followed the above your talent campaign can be accessed and managed by via the menu on the left hand side of the Web Dashboard.

VideoMyTalent Campaign candidate experience

You can see the candidate experience here