How to introduce the VideoMyJob app to your teams! Script, stats & a video example

Script, stats & a video example Need stakeholder buy-in but aren't sure how to get people onboard? Send them a video demonstrating the benefits and capabilities!

Introducing VideoMyJob to your team!

  • 'Show, don't tell' - instead of explaining the app, send them a video to demonstrate it! 
  • Be sure to include 'b-roll' - captions, images and short video clips to showcase the capabilities
  • Cover the 'whats in it for me' for your stakeholders so they understand the value and benefits that video brings to them individually. 

Use the below script, stats, and video example to inspire your VideoMyJob app introduction to stakeholders and amend it to suit your specific campaign, program or other business activities and objectives!

Video Example


Script example & suggested overlays for editing


I have created this video message for you today via a very nifty app called VideoMyJob that our team now have access to.

This app enables us to create really awesome branded videos for job ads, messages to our candidates, and we can also create videos for internal comms and I’m doing right now.

[INSERT B-ROLL: Overlay video footage of a previous video message or video job ad you have shared to showcase how you have already used the app]

So, why am I sending you this video message today?

With our graduate recruitment program kicking off soon, I thought this would be the perfect time to reach out to our wonderful team of hiring managers that many of our candidates will be meeting at interview!

To improve candidate engagement and to provide them with real insights of what they’ll experience throughout their application process and what it’s really like to work here, we want to create videos with you in them!

[INSERT B-ROLL: Overlay images from previous graduate programs]

Why do we want to do this?

Firstly, this gives candidates the opportunity to meet their potential future leaders- YOU! Video also enables us to provide real insights to our workplace environment and activities, plus it’s engaging!

We are targeting a highly competitive millennial market who speak video.

They will already be searching and working through lots of text heavy applications, job descriptions and emails and we believe video will help us to stand out and cut through that noise. It’ll also be an opportunity to further our employer and personal brands  - showcasing our values, our culture and our own authentic selves too!

[INSERT B-ROLL: Overlay video footage of the work environment - meeting rooms, work desks, communal areas or even external footage of the building to highlight where you are and whats close by!]

My team will facilitate and organise all the video filming, editing and sharing. We ask that you be our guest with us in the videos.

They will be filmed  ‘interview style’ whereby we’ll ask you questions about the roles and what it's like to work here. There is also the opportunity for you to be involved in our video updates, rejection and congratulation comms!

We are really excited to launch our graduate program this year and engage our active and possibly even passive candidate market who may not yet have us as their number one.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please reach out. We really see the value and edge that video gives us and hope that you will too. 

[INSERT CAPTION: Overlay your 'Call to action' text caption providing next steps for hiring managers. Include the best way they can get in contact with you and when you need their EOI by to be involved in your video series]

Thanks for watching and I look forward to your feedback and to recruiting our hiring manager experts to star in our recruitment video series!

Video statistics to include in your text caption overlays!

  • 85% of people believe video gives a good return on investment
  • 78% of people believe video has helped increase the quality of applications
  • 88% of people who have used video believe it generates more responses from passive candidates
  • 93% of people have watched an employer brand video to learn more about a company