How to login with SSO enabled

What to experience if your organisation has SSO configured

*This is only applicable if your Organisation Admin has completed the SSO configuration with our support team

How to use SSO

Select 'Single Sign-On' when logging in.
This is supported from the website:
Or from the iOS & Android App - version 2.6.0 and above:

From the Single Sign-On prompt, enter your email and press login to launch your identity provider login:

Your identity provider login should be consistent with non-VideoMyJob applications - account security is extremely important, so if you see anything unusual or confusing, please contact your organisation's IT team, as they manage your SSO identitity provider.

Can I still use my Username and Password if my organisation has SSO enabled?

No - for the security of your account, you can no longer use a username-password combination to login. If SSO authentication is failing, please contact your organisation's IT team who can troubleshoot your issue further

How do I setup SSO for my organisation?

SSO is only available on some plans. Contact your VideoMyJob account manager for more information on the setup process