How to send your video project to a team member for editing

Learn how to send and receive videos via the app's remote editing function 'Send Project'

How to send your video project to someone else for editing

Are you recording videos for someone else to edit?  This video explains how to send your video (project) to someone else for editing.

  1. Begin in the 'Timeline' screen - The 'Timeline' screen is the first screen you arrive at after recording or importing your video, before 'Overlays'
  2. Tap the 3 lines in the left hand corner to expand the menu 
  3. Select 'Send Project'
  4. Select a team member
  5. Type a message
  6. Add attachments
  7. Hit 'Send'

'Send Project' is a one way process that occurs before any editing. It can only be accessed on the 'Timeline' stage. If you've progressed past here then simply use the menu options to go back until you are on the 'Timeline' again.

A project can't be edited by a team of people in multiple stages across multiple devices; it's a single process with a single editing phase.

How to find a video project sent to you by a team member

Has a colleague sent you a video to edit in the app? This video explains where to find a video project that has been sent to you for editing.

  • Expand the menu in the top left and go to your 'Inbox'
  • Open the Message your team member has sent you
  • Select 'Edit Video'

Tip - When you open the inbox message, if you long press on the asset thumbnail you can Download it to your phone gallery. This is helpful if you have multiple videos sent to you that you want to edit together.