How to track your video's performance and engagement

Learn all about the metrics available to track your videos performance and engagement, both in app and via the web dashboard

Video analytics in the app

In the app you can view the analytics for each published video

  • Open your VideoMyJob app
  • Tap the video you wish to review
  • Tap 'View Analytics'
  • Here you can see video retention graph, views, minutes watched, reach, interactions and audience demographics.
  • 'Campaign Insights' display visits, views and call to action clicks from your unique video landing pages.

Video analytics in the web dashboard

  • Go to VideoMyJob web dashboard
  • Find the video you wish to review and click on the video title or graph icon
  • The analytics will appear below the video
  • Here you can see landing page visits, page video views, CTA clicks, YouTube and Facebook views, and the percentage of video watched

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