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How does Film Only work?

A simplified process to capture videos from people across your organisation, who don't need a full user license.

What is Film Only?

Film Only is one of the four Base Roles which can be assigned to a user within the Permissions settings. It has two key differences to other user roles:

  • It's a simpler app experience - When using the VideoMyJob app or Web Dashboard, Film Only users see only the features required to create a video and send it to another user for editing and publishing. (They cannot upload to the dashboard).
  • Not counted towards Seated user limit - Film Only users do not count towards your allowance of "Seated" full license users. It's designed for people such as employees or hiring managers who only need to occasionally contribute videos.

Film Only is available on selected pricing plans only. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details on how to add it to your account.

Watch this video to see the Film Only user's experience:


How to invite Film Only users

Film Only users can be invited through the usual process in the Web Dashboard under Team Settings. Learn more about managing users here.

If you cannot see the Film Only option listed, this means your account is not currently enabled for this feature.

Once Send Invite has been selected, the user will receive an email to complete the activation through either the VideoMyJob mobile app or Web dashboard.

How to request a video from Film Only users

The best way to request a video is using the Video Plan tool in the Web Dashboard.  

Once a Video Plan is assigned, the Film Only user will receive an email notification with the details, They will then be able to create a new Video in the Mobile App using the nominated script.

Film Only users can also create and update scripts using the mobile app or web dashboard.

💡 Once a Film Only user has been invited to join, you do not need to wait for them to activate their user account before assigning a Video Plan to them.

How to retrieve a Film Only video for editing and publishing

Once a Film Only user has completed the recording (and trimmed the video if required) - they will be directed to the Send Project option. 

Once the Send Project step is completed, the user nominated for video editing will receive it directly to their Inbox within the mobile app, where they can complete the editing process and publish.

Here is a support article showing how to retrieve the video from your inbox.

If you have multiple VideoMyJob teams, the user receiving the video must switch to the same team where the video was created by the Film Only user. 

Next Steps

Film Only is ideal for capturing videos from people such as employees or hiring managers who will benefit from a simpler experience. Used together with the Video Plan tool, it helps scale your ability to source videos from people across your organization.

Film Only is available on selected plans only. If you can not see the Film Only option in your Team Settings, contact your Customer Success Manager to find out how to add it to your account or reach out to support@videomyjob.com