How to use the video 'Timeline' during editing

Learn about the timeline and how to trim, re-order, add and delete video footage from your video timeline

This video timeline helps you to see the video components of your project in a linear fashion.

Once you have recorded or imported your video, you will enter the 'Timeline' screen where you can trim, add, delete and re-order sections of video footage.

How to add a video to your timeline

  • Tap 'Add Video' to add another video recording to your timeline
  • Choose 'Record' or 'Import ' 
  • Note: You can add up to 13 videos to any project

How to re-order videos in your timeline

  • If you have more than one video in your timeline, you have the option to change the order
  • Select the video you want to move by tapping it, then tap 'Move Forward' or 'Move Backward' 

How to delete a video from your timeline

  • Select the video you want to delete by tapping it, tap 'Delete Video'
  • To avoid accidental deletion, the app will always double-check with you before deleting a video!