Video Publishing Guide (Web Dashboard)

Learn how to publish your videos from the VideoMyJob Web Dashboard, and share it on your social platforms.

Publishing your video from the web dashboard

Step 1: Mark your draft video as complete

Once a video is uploaded through the VideoMyJob App, it will take a few moments for the upload to process.

Once processing is complete, your video will appear as a draft in the Web Dashboard under the "Videos" menu.

Select the draft video and mark it as complete by selecting the "Mark As Complete" button as shown below.

mark as complete

Note: Marking a video as complete will not change the team visibility. This setting can be updated separately by selecting the visibility drop-down as shown below.

Web Dashboard Visibility

Step 2: Publish your video

To publish your video, open the video in the Web Dashboard and simply select the "Publish" icon (as shown below), then select your social platform/s, and click publish.

Note: YouTube supports both Public and Unlisted video publishing. If you would like your video to be published as an unlisted YouTube video (only accessible via shared link), then select  "Keep Unlisted". 

Publishing Settings

You will be taken to a confirmation page that will include links to the social platform/s you selected to share your video.

Once published, the video will automatically become visible to the other users in your VideoMyJob team if it was previously hidden.

Published Web


How to make changes to a published video

To make changes to a published video, select the video under the "Videos" on the Web Dashboard menu, and click on the "Publish Settings" icon.

From the Publish Settings, you can both un-publish or publish the video to additional channels by using the tick-box options to add or remove the social platform for the video to be published.

If the video is published on YouTube, you can also change whether you would like to keep your video unlisted or public.

Change Publishing

When you select "Save Changes" you will be directed to confirm and then publish. 

Note: If you make changes to remove or delete a video from a connected social channel, the analytics related to that channel will no longer be available within VideoMyJob.


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