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VideoMyJob glossary of app and dashboard terms

Here is a list of terms we use at VideoMyJob

Trying to understand something that's not defined here? Ask us in a message — and we can add it to the list 🙂

1 person video
- use the template to record a video with 1 presenter

2 person video - use the template to record a video with 2 presenters

activate - creating a username and password (login) to access the VMJ dashboard for the first time

analytics - views, playtime, reach, engagement

app - software application available for your smartphone

audio waveform - graph visible during trimming representing the recorded sound of your video

b-roll - video footage imported from your device's photo library

boost - in-app paid social advertising function for targeting specific audiences.

caption - text or emojis added to the video, caption styles are defined by your approved brand templates (i.e background colour and font)

countdown - the number of seconds (3) available between tapping the record button and the recording starting

dashboard - the VMJ desktop software

draft - indicates you have finished editing your video, but are not ready to publish it.

dynamic caption - a text box that expands and retracts to align with the text entered

EVP - Employee Value Proposition

import video - load video footage from your phone's storage into the app

intro - introductory branding footage or screen

main video - the foundation footage for the video

outro - closing branding footage or screen

overlays - text, images or video footage added to the main video using the in-app captions, images and videos function

playline - the teal line beneath the video that displays the video length and the current point of progress

public feed - stream of public videos created by other VMJ users

publish - completes your video and enables analytics - can be unlisted or public

publish public - is visible to all YouTube channel visitors and searchable on the internet, only public videos can be Boosted

publish unlisted - is not publicly listed on your YouTube channel or playlist, but can be shared via the unique URL

record button - the button you use to start recording

remote editing - record footage within the app and send to another VMJ user on your dashboard to edit

retake - re-record a video using the same template and teleprompter settings

scripts - content that can be played in the teleprompter when recording, scripts can be edited in both app and dashboard

silhouette - outline of head and shoulders visible during recording mode to help optimise the speaker's position in relation to the microphone, lighting and screen size

spirit level - red or green line visible in recording mode that indicates if the recording device is level. i.e Red = not level. green = level

split - slice video at a selected point - you can either trim, move or delete the selected section or add images or overlay at this point

straps - name captions at the beginning and end of the video. The straps are pre-populated with the user's account information, are editable and can be deleted during editing.

switch camera - alternate the camera from front facing to back facing

teleprompter - in-app function that display scripts whilst recording

teleprompter settings - in-app settings that allow you to adjust teleprompter functionality such as the font size and speed of scripts

thumbnail - the image that will be displayed when the video link is shared

thumbnail image - the image selected to be displayed when video is shared

thumbnail title - the title of the video that forms part of the thumbnail image

timeline editing - chronological display of footage & overlays

trim - remove unwanted footage from the start or end of your video recording

upload - the final stage of in-app editing is to confirm upload - the video is no longer editable after upload and will be visible in your Video Library

video library - all videos created by VMJ users in your account, viewable in both the app and on the dashboard