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What is the VideoMyTalent candidate experience?

Learn how a candidate experiences a VideoMyTalent request and what they need to do in order to complete their VideoMyTalent application

VideoMyTalent is currently in Beta.
Please discuss with your Customer Success Manager if you would like access.


Step one is to send your candidate a VideoMyTalent invitation.

Your candidate will receive a code with a link to download the VideoMyTalent app. The code gives them one-off access to the VideoMyTalent mobile app.

Once a candidate has installed the app and entered their code, they will be prompted to create a video:

  1. Your questions will display and your candidate must film their video response in the allocated amount of time
  2. When the candidate is ready to film, they tap 'Start Answering'
  3. Your questions will display on screen, and candidates have position guide and spirit level to assist them in making a professional video
  4. Candidates can watch and re-record their video response for each question, they can also trim any unwanted footage from the start of end of each take
  5. When a candidate is satisfied with their response, they tap 'Send'
  6. Submitted candidate videos will display in the VideoMyTalent tab of your web dashboard