Note: Only VideoMyJob administrators can add or amend the YouTube channel your account is connected to.

Do I need a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel must be added to your VideoMyJob account in order to produce videos.

Without your own YouTube channel your videos statistics will be incomplete and many features unavailable, such as; video deletion, comment monitoring, thumbnail editing, video description editing and call to action editing.

If you do not connect your company's YouTube channel, your videos will by default be published to the VideoMyJob default YouTube channel. 

Publishing to the VideoMyJob channel means your videos cannot leverage your brand's existing digital footprint or influence your company's search engine rankings. 

How to connect your YouTube channel

  1. Go to your VideoMyJob web dashboard
  2. Select 'Team Settings' from the menu
  3. Scroll down and click 'Connect YouTube'
  4. This will prompt you to 'Sign In' to your google account 
  5. Select the YouTube Channel you want to connect
  6. Click 'Allow'
  7. 'Verify' your account by following the multiple links
  8.  You may need to click 'Re Test Verification' before it verifies
  9. Click 'Save' 
  10. You're all set up!

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