Acceptance and welcome videos

Provide your new employees the warmest of welcomes and help them to feel part of the team!

Explanation and strategy

When you send the offer confirmation, is it just a pro-forma email? Have you considered sending a video message from you and the team congratulating your new recruit?

This is an opportunity to show your new employee who else is in the team, the place they’ll be working and what to expect on day one. 

Creating a single video to use with every hire can work, a generic welcome to the team video can become one of your most popular pieces of content.

Example script 

Congratulatory video

A - Hello [INSERT NAME] and congratulations! Welcome to the team here at  [INSERT COMPANY]. We are thrilled that you have accepted the position as [INSERT ROLE] - we were so impressed with you throughout the selection process and the whole team is really looking forward to having you onboard!

B - We cannot wait to work with you,  your ideas and your strategies. We welcome your fresh eyes and suggestions into our business and the way we currently work with our customers and build out our training materials and workshop experiences. We know you have a wealth of knowledge and we embrace the opportunities of being able to learn from you. [INSERT PICTURE OR VIDEO OVERLAYS OF THEIR NEW TEAM]

A - When you arrive on Day 1, which to confirm is 31st May, give me a call when you arrive and we'll start the day with a coffee and office tour and we'll also collect your building security pass. After that we'll go through what your on-boarding will look like for the next few weeks and we'll also get your set up with your computer, calendar, work phone and all those functional and technical things. [INSERT VIDEO OVERLAYS OF BUILDING / TEAM ENVIRONMENT]

B - If you have any questions in regards to your employment contract or setting up your account payroll forms, let me know and we'll iron that out prior to your commencement.

A - Enjoy your holiday and we really look forward to you joining the team here!

B - Congratulations once again and we'll see you May 31st!

Example video