Application and selection process videos

Use video at every stage of the selection process to better engage candidates and improve their experience with you!

Candidate experience and engagement

Review the below videos to better understand how you can implement more engaging and personalized communications throughout your recruitment process..

Scroll down to watch video examples for every stage of the recruitment process:

  • Thank you for applying video
  • Assessment centre & next steps video
  • Interview preparation video
  • Phone interview preparation video
  • Invitation to interview video
  • Congratulations video
  • Welcome to the team video
  • Candidate rejection video 
  • On-boarding video 
  • Office tour video

Thank you for your application

A lot of time goes into a job application and sometimes it's days or weeks before updates are communicated! Keep your candidates informed along the way with video, providing updates and information at every step of the application process.

Assessment centre - next steps

Undergoing assessments can be very stressful! Help candidates improve their experience by providing sufficient information on what they can expect ahead of time with your video!

Phone interview preparation & tips

Phone interviews are more common in some industries than others. Help candidates prepare for their phone interview by letting them know what to expect ahead of time and include practical tips they can apply.

Interview preparation & tips

Different companies have different standards and expectations around interviews! Inform prospective talent by providing educational videos that include helpful advice and tips so that they can prepare for their meeting with confidence.

Interview instructions

If you've had feedback before that your business location is hard to find then why not provide a video with specific instructions? This way candidates know what to look out for and how to best prepare on their interview day.

Congratulations - you got the role!

Video can provide a personalised approach to formalise a job offer or, if the offer has been accepted, to congratulate your newest team member and demonstrate the team and environment that they will be part of in the coming weeks when they kick off their start date!

Candidate rejection

Rejection is an essential part of the recruitment process. How you turn down candidates says a lot about your company.  Rejecting candidates with kindness is part of creating a positive candidate experience. When done right, it helps you build a healthy talent pipeline and create a positive employer brand.

On-boarding, meet the team and introductions

There is a lot to take in when you begin in a new role. Help take the pressure off and provide a warm welcome, office tours and educational tips or process reminders that new starters can refer back to at any time in a series of company on-boarding videos! If you are a global company, video can be used to welcome new starters and introduce colleagues and managers who may be based in other locations around the world.