Employee and staff video comms

Replace invitations, email updates, text reminders and written confirmations with video. Script and video examples to inspire your comms!

Explanation and strategy

Cut down time in writing large posts by creating a short summary via video. It will be easier to explain a new HR policy by showing rather than reading right?

Notice how people are not reading your emails? Making your info more interactive means your team can develop a better connection with viewers. Creating a video and putting it on your internal network means you can track how people are interacting with your video, and can iterate.

Example scripts 

Training - video update and confirmation 

Hello team! Thank you for volunteering to be our first aid officers. This is an essential role to any team, organisation and wider community too. Although I hope you never have to put these skills into action in our workplace, you just never know when something may go wrong and somebody needs your help.

The training will take place across the road from where we are - 409 King Street. Let's meet in the foyer of our building at 9am to check in and grab a coffee and then we can head over together, ready for a 9:30am kickoff [INSERT PHOTO OF TRAINING CENTRE]. 

Wear jeans or casual attire that you are comfortable in. There will be short breaks throughout the day and we have one hour for lunch. If you want to join us at [INSERT PLACE], please do. No pressure there if you have other arrangements.

Reach out if you have any questions and thanks again!

Team building event - video reminder

Hi Team, I wanted to remind you about our team building and development day that is fast approaching! It's this Thursday and it's happening here, on L21 in the boardroom. We have a really fantastic agenda for the day so please ensure that you've completed the prep work that you were given last week and email it back to me by Wednesday!

We are catering our team building event and we suggest you come in comfortable, casual clothes. We won't be doing anything too strenuous but you will be up on your feet for several activities.

If you have any questions, just reach out and if you can hang around after the workshop we will be heading to a surprise venue close by to wrap it all up. That will kick off from 4:30pm.

I'm really looking forward to it. We have a wonderful guest speaker and a lot of thought has gone into this event. We really believe that every individual in our team will get so much out of this!


Example video: