Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Script and video examples to help your company create videos demonstrating your EVP in action

Explanation and strategy

An Employee Value Proposition is the talent equivalent of a mission statement, it's the culture that employees can expect in your company. It clearly defines what an employee will receive in return for working at your company.

It is not listing out the salary, vacation days, or health insurance benefits. Your EVP should dive deeper into who your company is. It should come from what your employees see and feel on a day to day basis.

What makes your business appealing to your employees? Why would a potential candidate choose you over a competitor?

Ask your employees what excites them about the work they are doing and the environment they work in. 

Topics for EVP-style videos

  • Flexible work; use employee stories to demonstrate how your flexible work policy affects individual employees
  • LGBTQIA; community groups, events and celebration days
  • Study & professional development; use employee stories to demonstrate how your programs have helped employees in career progression or career change
  • Making a difference; showcase how your employees do this with project stories, research and day-in-the-life videos

Example videos