EVAP Module 2 - Communication

How to launch your Employee Video Advocacy Program

If this is a program that you hope will stand the test of time (like us) then creating a memorable launch experience is important.  

Whether you’re launching in an office, virtually, or maybe a hybrid of both - there are some proven steps worth noting. 


Use these communication templates to drip feed your Program Advocates content that will excite, invite and support them through the internal launch of EVAP.


Upload the completed strategy template from module 1 as an internal resource for employees or populate the resource guide below. EVAP_ResourceGuide_CTA

Establishing a consistent look and feel from the beginning is key to driving employee adoption, so download and customize your illustrated banners of choice. 

EVAP_Module2e_CTA              EVAP_Module2h_CTA

EVAP_Module2f_CTA              EVAP_Module2i_CTA

EVAP_Module2g_CTA              EVAP_Module2j_CTA