Executive comms

Update your executive team and leaders by outlining key points in a succinct video. Script and video example demonstrated in article

Explanation and strategy

Help your leaders to raise their profile and build better connections with employees by delivering business updates in-person, on video.

Quarterly updates, new initiatives, recently promoted employees - even a simple video thank you message can build connection and empathy with senior leaders.

Example script

Board meeting comms

Hello to all of our Board Members! Ahead of our next meeting I am sending through a detailed EOFY report. In particular please have a close look at page 7 and page 12. I think you will be delighted by the information and figures.

If you have questions or identify an area of discussion that is pertinent for our board-meeting please reach out. I will finalise the agenda this week.

Also, please confirm if you will be attending in person or via video conference.

See you all next week!

Example video