Getting Started with Story Feed

Learn how to install and go live with the Story Feed in VideoMyJob

Step 1: Install the Story Feed

Note: You will need a web developer or tech support to help with the install step. 

  1. On the Web Dashboard navigate to the Story Feed page and select the Install tab
  2. Click the Copy Code button and either add the code to your webpage, or send it to your web developer instructing them to "add the code before the </body> tag on every page you want the widget to appear

Story Feed Install

Step 2: Add Videos 

  1. Navigate to the Feed tab from your Story Feed page
  2. Click the Add Video button 
  3. Search for the video/s you want to add
  4. Click the Add button

step 2

Note: Story Feed requires at least 3 videos to appear on your website

Step 3:
Re-Order Your Videos

  1. From the Feed tab, click and drag the grip icon at the bottom of the video tile
  2. Once you have your videos in the order you want, click Save & Update in the top right corner

SF 1

Step 4: Add Your Branding

From the Feed tab you can also manage your branding

  1. Add your company logo
  2. Add a hero banner and Story Feed heading
  3. Choose your hyperlink colour
  4. Optional call-to-action button


Step 5: Select Your Featured Widget Videos

Featured videos are the 3 videos that appear in the small widget in the bottom right corner of your website when the widget is set to Live. By default this will display the 3 most recent videos, however this can be customised.

To set your featured videos:

  1. Navigate to the Widget tab
  2. Click the pencil icon, then select Featured Videos
  3. Click the Select Videos radio button, then select your videos

Featured Vids

Step 6: Go Live 🚀

At the top of the Story Feed screen, toggle from Offline to Live.

Go Live