How to build enthusiasm for video at your workplace

Ideas to assist in bringing video alive at your workplace

Creative ways to build momentum

  • Create a script for you to launch VideoMyJob to your colleagues, (sample below that you can copy and paste into your teleprompter).
  • Host a ‘Video-Hackathon’ with your recruitment team or hiring manager community.
  • Create an in-house ‘Golden Globe Awards' event, incentivise video production with prizes.
  • Work with internal communication and change teams to use the tool for executive, event and project communications.
  • Encourage senior leaders to update their teams using video.


Example Script

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to be briefing you today on a new video tool we're using for talent attraction. VideoMyJob will help us attract, engage & retain top talent. This won't replace everything we're currently doing, it will enhance it. 

In fact, I made this video in a matter of minutes.

Video content is quickly replacing text as the most powerful way to communicate and share information. Recruitment is no different and we need to be on the cutting edge of technology. Good news, we are first to market to use this in our industry. 

Some key benefits of using video are:

1. Personalized approach which helps establish emotional connections with our Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Candidates.

‌2. ‌Words are words, a picture tells a 1000 words...a video tells millions.

2. More efficient way to reach job seekers in this uber-competitive market, including passive talent, especially in markets where we don't have high brand recognition

3. Candidates want and demand authenticity. We're opening the vault to showcase our culture and what it's like to work for us. 

As we progress, we'll find even more creative ways to use video. Sky's the limit!

‌If you would like to use this tool to attract more candidates please work with your Recruiting Manager and they'll get you rolling. 

‌Thanks for joining me today.

Bye for now!