How to change or move your logo after filming

Learn how to change your brand template, or adjust the position and size of your logo during the editing process.

Company brand templates are pre-set by the account admin during implementation. Assets such as logos, brand colors, intros and fonts are locked down in your templates.

In addition to standard one and two person templates, your account may have multiple brand templates for sub-brands, departments or clients. Ensure you select the correct 'Brand' for your video audience.

It is possible to adjust the template, or the size and position of your logo, before and after filming.

How to change your video brand template

  • From the 'Timeline' tap the three lines to expand the menu 
  • Select 'Change Branding'
  • From here you can go back and change the branding
  • Note: if you have already added captions, changing branding will discard all captions.

How to move your logo

  • From the 'Timeline', tap the three lines to expand the menu
  • Select 'Move Logo'
  • Use your fingers to move the logo around on screen and adjust its size