Onboarding - Week 1

Engage your new starter with a video on what to expect from the first week

Example script

Hello Alex and welcome to Week 1 and Day 1 at VideoMyJob. We are so excited that you've chosen us as your next career step

As you will have already discovered, this is your new office space and we hope that you'll be comfortable here and don't forget we are a communal workspace so you're also welcome to work autonomously in these areas on level 17 , or in the library and also in the loft on level 21 and the cafe on level 20

‌‌This week, we will need you to complete your Induction and Orientation with The Cluster Staff who run this level that VMJ resides on. Its a 1 hour induction session which runs every Tuesday and Thursday morning, so book in to the one that suits you best!  You will also have several emails regarding how to setup the printer and how to set up your calendar so you can book meeting rooms - shout out if you need assistance there. They'll take you through office, OHS, procedures for fire evacuations and if you're interested in completing the first aid course to become a first aid officer then you can also sign up for that if you wish.

‌Other than that we have scheduled you in to do 1:1 catch ups with each and every one of our VMJ team so you can get to who we are and vice versa and start to understand everyone's function in the business. In between your 1:1s I'll get you connected to the VMJ resource centre so you can familiarise yourself with all the housekeeping, tech requirements and our company policies etc.

‌We really hope your first week is comfortable and exciting too. If there's anything you don't understand please ask us - we were all in your shoes once upon a time. And heads up, Every Monday for the next four weeks you'll receive a video just like this one checking in with you to ensure you're on track and working through your onboarding tasks and agenda which is also attached as a document.

Also, if you'd like to hear about my hot tips for great coffee nearby, if you're a coffee drinker, check out my video in the link so you can try them out in the next few weeks!

‌Shout out if you need anything!