Onboarding - Week 2

Use video to check in with your new starters

Example script 

Hi Alex and and welcome to week 2 at VMJ! This week we have you buddying up with Jade to create your first one and two person videos so you can introduce yourself to the company and seek out the best places in and around our office to film in. We have lots of preferred hotspots that are great because of the sound control and natural lighting that those spaces offer but feel free to try new environments when you're up and running. Jade will also answer any questions you have regarding the app.

‌You'll also need to complete the online training program that our customers do as part of their app training when they buy our product. We are always looking to make this better so if you have any feedback please jot it down as Cath, Erik and I would love to know your thoughts.

‌From Wednesday on you'll be with me mostly and I'll be taking you through the content, exercises and presentation material that  we use in our Vid-Fit 3 hour workshop face to face and Webex sessions and you'll notice that over the next 3 weeks you have calendar invites from me inviting you to a handful of workshops that we have locked in with our customers which you'll first observe and then you'll start to co-facilitate with me when you feel more at home with the content and running order.

‌‌We have our help hub resources and how-to tutorials in app too that you should start to familiarise yourself with too.

That’s it for week 2 updates. We know there’s lots of information coming at you and we are mindful of really breaking things down into blocks of time and revising our days and weeks to, to help you connect the dots and empower you with all our technology, resources and content that you're learning.

‌You know where we are if you have any questions!