Onboarding - Week 3

Check in and engage your new starters using branded video

Example script

Hope you had a great weekend and welcome to week 3 where we get much more practical with training, facilitating our VidFit Workshops.

‌‌Having seen a couple of workshops now in person and online over Webex I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. We can review the content more closely together and give any areas a facelift if we identity room for improvement to make our content and exercises more compelling and relevant.  

We have you scheduled in to co-facilitate a workshop with me this Thursday so we will lock in some preparation and practice time for this so you feel really good leading up to it. Keep chatting to me with your queries and your questions - they are so helpful and give not just you but also me,  a real sense of clarity in the messages we deliver in our workshops.

‌Another main focus for you this week will be to buddy up with Ben on Tuesday and Mitch on Wednesday. The purpose of working more closely with them is to understand the end to end VMJ process from the sale, onboarding, training, becoming an ongoing user and the customer success management they provide to maintain these relationships and grow our accounts. 

They will take you through their procedures and on those days if they have F2F or online meetings booked in with customers you'll go along with them too and understand more of our clients needs outside of the training realm.

‌‌This is a great week to finish off the online training course if you haven't already and it's a great week to chat to payroll to ensure all your bank, tax and super forms are right so that you can get paid accordingly next week.

‌Have a fabulous week 3!