Recruitment process videos

Engage with candidates every step of the way in your recruitment process. Use our script and video examples to inspire your communications

Explanation and strategy

  • How personalised is your workflow? Do candidates feel like they are getting a personal experience, or are they simply another CV on a huge pile?
  • Creating content to be shared at each stage of the workflow allows your candidates to get to know the recruiter and business in more depth. 
  • Add a video to your ‘Thanks for your application’ email, to tell them more about how the process works. 
  • Want to bring the candidate in for an interview? Make a video that shows them where to go, show them the reception area that they’ll come to.
  • They aren’t the right fit? Create a video telling them they may have not been suitable for this role, but there are other opportunities they could apply for.

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Example script

2nd interview video invitation

Hello there! I am delighted to be inviting you back for your 2nd interview which is the last stage in our application process for the role of [INSERT ROLE]. Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck. In your second interview you will be meeting with our amazing Marketing Manager, [INSERT NAME] and also our CEO [INSERT NAME].

Similarly to your first interview you can expect this process to take about one hour. The first 30 minutes will consist of behavioural based questions and discussion relating to your vision for this position. It will be held in the same location as last time on L20 at 31 Queen Street. Just ask for me when you arrive! [OPTION TO INSERT PICTURE OR VIDEO OVERLAY OF COMPANY SURROUNDINGS].

For your 2nd interview, we also request that you prepare a short 10 minute presentation on a section of our product that you think adds value to the clients and industries we work with. The interview room has a projector and laptop adapters if you need. [INSERT PICTURE OR VIDEO OVERLAY OF ROOM]

Attached in this email is a document outlining this exercise in further detail and if you have any queries regarding these instructions please connect with me at least 2 days prior to your meeting.

We encourage everyone who is interested in a career with us to visit our YouTube Channel and FB page to gain further insight into our company life and culture! We also have video tutorials on tips and hints for interviewing that might be of interest to you.

Break a leg and I’ll see you at your interview! Reach out if you need any clarification! [INSERT CONTACT DETAILS]

Example videos: