Sample scripts for your VideoMyJob launch

Ideas for introducing VideoMyJob at your workplace

Example Scripts


Introducing your team to VideoMyJob

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce the launch of VideoMyJob for our team in [Insert teams/Countries]! We can't wait to show the tool to you all - I really believe it will make a big impact on how we engage with candidates and employees.

Video content is the most powerful way to communicate and share information with an audience and[insert company name] needs to embrace more innovative, cutting edge technology if we are to source the best talent in our industry.

‌These videos are simple to create using a mobile device - as I am doing right now.
They are between 1-2 mins long - meaning candidates can hear directly from recruiters, employees, and hiring managers about our opportunities and our workplace.

By creating our own videos we will:
‌1. Create a more personal connection with candidates and promote career opportunities at [insert company name],
‌2. Show we have a great place to work via the channels we use to engage with top talent,
‌3. And create an opportunity to strengthen our employer brand by showcasing more of our culture, our leaders, and the diversity of our people.

We are just getting started with VideoMyJob - so please look out for our first video being posted in the coming weeks!

If you're interested and want to get involved - please reach out.

‌Thank you!


Welcoming new users to VideoMyJob.

Hi there - welcome to VideoMyJob.

‌[Insert teams/employee names]  - I hope you're excited.  I am told by VideoMyJob it's a critical part of making a great video !

‌The purpose of this video is actually to replace an email I would have normally written.  Since we are all learning to make great videos and make it a more automatic part of our work I am taking up the challenge to use videos more often.  Let me know if it's better, worse, the same as getting an email.

‌So - what happens now ?  Don't worry there is training and I can say from experience it's great and our trainer from VideoMyJob is fantastic.  And if I have paid attention in the training - and remembered in editing a picture of Olivia should here on my right and her contact details should be below.  Before your training session there are two important things you need to do.

‌First - download the app from the app store.  The app is called VideoMyJob - all one word.  Please make sure you have completed all your software updates on your phone.  Login before the training to make sure you don't have any issues for the day.

‌second - to make sure you are Vid Fit  - you need to complete some online training modules which you have been enrolled in.  The site has a wealth of other video resources if you are interested to find out more.

‌The final thing is to think of a couple of ideas for videos to bring with you to the training session.

‌Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to seeing your work come to life in video.