Script template for Hiring Manager briefing

Suggested script for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Consultants to introduce VideoMyJob to Hiring Managers

Example Script

Introducing VideoMyJob to your Hiring Managers

Hi, (your name) here.

As a Hiring Manager, do you want to connect with potential candidates in an innovative and personal way like never before?  I’m here to tell you about an exciting way we can do this - video.  

We now have access to VideoMyJob - software that allows us to create, edit and share branded videos with our smartphones.  We plan to use these videos to tell candidates about our company and introduce open roles.  We will be using footage and images of our workplace in our videos to show what its like to work here. And we can boost these videos to reach passive candidates - unlocking a currently uptapped market.  

That’s where you come in - you can be a part of these videos and potential candidates can get to know more about you, the team and our organisation.

And we can make videos about anything - welcome a new starter, for internal comms or create a buzz for upcoming events.

Pretty cool huh?

There are some guidelines to follow when creating our content and videos, and I’d love to share these with you as soon as possible.   This is an awesome opportunity to reach potential candidates, to build your own skills in video and increase the profile of our EVP and your personal brand.  

We’ll be discussing further when you have an open role.  Please get in touch if you want to know more before then.  I’m looking forward to working with you and creating great videos!