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Editing Masterclass: The Timeline [Watch]

Create better videos by mastering the video timeline; streamline, collaborate, accelerate


It’s time to level up and learn to create videos that convey your message effectively and professionally by utilizing all of the app’s timeline features.

You can create multi-layer, multi-take and multi-person videos from anywhere (even in isolation) it’s easy with VideoMyJob and we will show you how in this interactive live session and demo.

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Runtime: 55 minutes


Topics Covered:

  • Why the video timeline is important
  • How to use the video timeline to create better videos
  • How to send your video to a colleague for editing
  • How to create personalized videos at scale
  • Tips & tricks for speed, accuracy and collaboration


Want to skip to a topic? Watch the webinar then jump to these times -

Send Project Explainer = 0:04:41
Multi Colleague Video Explainer = 0:08:30
Send Project & Multi Colleague/Video Demonstration = 0:23:12
Create Multiple Personalised Messages (quickly) = 0:31:51
How to Create a Q&A style video = 0:42:16


Resource Links:

Link - Download Slides

Link - How to send your video project to a team member for editing