EVAP Module 5 - Momentum

How to drive participation in your Employee Video Advocacy Program


The Four Guiding Pillars to EVAP Vitality:


#1 Celebrate! Set a milestone right at the beginning and make sure your advocates are on board by embedding the number in company meetings or in view online. 

    • Total videos created
    • Collective video views on social media
    • Collective click-throughs to company pages
    • Length of the program being live 
    • Other [permission to get creative] 


#2 Communicate! Pick a day of the week or month and share the most recent EVAP content created in your internal comms channel or intranet. 

✔️  Regular content updates will keep your advocates accountable and active, week in week out. 

✔️  Noticing an individual’s contribution is important in building your employees' sense of belonging at work. 


#3 Brainstorm! Although your video prompts should be enough for most of your advocates to get scripting straight away, you will face some that just need that extra push or support. 

Option 1 = Set up a monthly one-on-one with you, the Program Manager and the Program Advocate. 

Option 2 = Partner two advocates together, so that there’s a dedicated meeting for them to bounce video ideas around and feel inspired. 


#4 Structure! Utilize the Video Plan tool to schedule reminder nudges at certain points of the month for your employees to script, film or edit. 

✔️  Use the frequency you set in the strategy template from Module 1 to map the video creation process in a sprint made up of adequate time to do each step - script, film, edit, publish and share. 

✔️  Structure will give your advocates permission to fully dedicate themselves to EVAP during these set times and boost team spirit as everyone will be working on a content step together.