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3. Scripting Great Content

Watch the video for tips on video content, structure and language. Then get creative and write your own script.

This video covers how to structure your content for maximum engagement:

  • Hook
  • What’s in it for me (WIIFM)
  • Call to action


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Activity B - Write a Script 

What's great about your company?

Now that you are armed with the basics of how to structure your content, it’s time to write a script.  

  1. Prepare a script telling your audience about why they should come to work at your company
  2. Remember to use the Hook, WIIFM & Call to Action to structure your content, and use language that sounds like you
  3. Create this script on the dashboard so you can estimate how long your script is and keep it to under 60 - 90 seconds
  4. Don't forget to press save.


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