How to publish an unlisted video to YouTube

A step by step guide to publish an unlisted video with VideoMyJob

Sometimes our videos aren't meant to be searchable by anyone on the internet. 

Learn how to publish an unlisted video to share with specific audiences or on selected social media platforms.

  1. Open your VideoMyJob app 
  2. Expand the menu from the left hand side and select 'Your Videos'
  3. Select the thumbnail of the draft video you wish to publish as 'Unlisted'
  4. Select the Publish button that appears at the bottom of the screen
  5. The preselected big tick next to your Youtube Channel means your video is already set to Listed
  6. Tap the option 'Keep Unlisted'
  7. Then press Publish one last time

Your video is published and is now ready to share with your intended audience or on your selected platform.

Keeping a video unlisted means it will be kept private on YouTube. Audiences can not search for this video; they can only see it when you share it via text, email or social media platforms.


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