This video is a quick walk through of all the main features for recording, editing and sharing videos in the VideoMyJob app.

Now let's practice what we have just learned by completing the below activity:

Activity A: Read from the teleprompter

Follow the steps below to create a video using the getting started script

  1. Log in to the app on your phone
  2. Navigate the menu on the left hand side
  3. Click 'New project' or hit the camera icon in the right hand corner
  4. Select your branding / logo
  5. Click 'Next' 
  6. Click 'Record a Video' 
  7. Hit the blue pencil icon, and select "Script 1" (which should sound like the Getting Started Script below)
  8. Tap the red dot to start recording, you’ll get a 3 second countdown, then begin the text on screen reading out loud. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect
  9. Press the red button again to end recording
  10. You can watch your video back in the timeline

Getting Started Script - Online Training Reference

Copy and paste this script into a new script on your dashboard, or use this as a guide to create your own script.

I'm just finding out how easy it is to create videos using VideoMyJob.  
To get comfortable I should find a space that's private enough for me to be myself.
‌Very soon I'll be writing my own scripts but for now, let's try a few different things.  
‌I'm in the silhouette and I'm an arms length away from the phone.
I can smile and I can poke out my tongue.
I can squint my eyes.
‌Can I read the teleprompter if I close one eye?
Here's my funniest face.
‌(high voice) I can use a really high voice
‌(Low voice) And I can take it down as low as I can go
‌I know this will get easier with practice, if I be myself and I remember to smile
Thanks for watching,

Here's what it should look like:

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