2. App Introduction & Key Features

This video is a quick walk through of all the main features for recording, editing and sharing videos in the app.

Activity A: Read from the teleprompter

Follow the steps below to create a video using a pre-prepared script.

  1. Log in to the app on your phone
  2. Select camera icon and 1 person video 
  3. Tap Next, tap blue pencil to select Teleprompter Intro script
  4. Tap the red dot to start recording, you’ll get a 3 second countdown, then begin the text on screen reading out loud. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect
  5. Press the red button again to end recording
  6. You can watch it back by tapping the screen
  7. If you 'Confirm Upload' your video will begin to upload to your dashboard. Once the upload is complete, it will be visible to other users on your company dashboard

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